Job at GFA Consulting Group, National internal audit expert, based in Dar es Salaam, April 2021

National internal audit expert, based in Dar es Salaam                                                                     Job description

Tasks of national expert 2

Provision of on-the-job trainings for Internal Audit Unit IAUs of pilot Ministries, Departments and Agencies MDAs and Local Government Authorities LGAs
Lead advisor for delivery of Work package B:
Strengthening MDAs/LGAs pilot internal audit unit to reach international standards
Key linkage between Field of Action “internal audit” FoA2 and the rest of the programme
Coordination of short-term experts delivering services in line with agreements with Internal Audit General Division IAGD and FoA2


  • Education/training: Fully qualified and certified internal auditor (CIA)
  • Language: Proficient English (CEFR C1) and proficient Swahili (CEFR C1)
  • General professional experience: 10 years of professional experience in the areas of public sector auditing or public financial management
  • Specific professional experience: 5 years of professional experience as internal auditor and 2 years professional experience in capacity building measures
  • Leadership/management experience: none required
  • Regional experience: 10 years’ experience in Tanzania or Anglophone Africa
  • Development Cooperation (DC) experience: 2 years exposure to DC engagements

Please send us your updated CV by email to

Contact person

  Andrea Leber

The deadline for submitting the application is 11 April 2021

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